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About our Program

Wolves Lacrosse is a registered 501 c 3 program.  We exist to provide any interested boy or girl the opportunity to learn about and play lacrosse.  We believe that mulit-sport opportunities are a great way for students to participate in area sports, make friends and learn valuable life lessons.

In the Spring:  We are a recreational program, meaning our focus is the athletic development of the individual player and their team.  We desire to be ambassadors of the game, and demonstrate great sportsmanship.  All players will play, and we intentionally schedule games with clubs and teams that share our program ethics. 

In the Summer:  We have a 4-day camp for players that runs the first week of June. 

In the Fall::  We have a tournament team for middle school and high school boys that practices 7 Sundays in a row, with the 8th weekend being a tournament in Williamsburg. 

This team is called, “The Valley Tropics.”

Our long term goal is to help area high schools start varsity teams, and create a Central Blue Ridge Lacrosse League with 8 schools.

Wolves exists to support youth lacrosse development, expansion and sustainability in Augusta County, Staunton, Waynesboro, and selectively in the surrounding region, and new markets too.  



Interested in Coaching/Volunteering?

If you have EVER coached Football, Soccer, Hockey or Basketball, you’re one step away from being able to help coach lacrosse.  The game IQ is mirrored with these sports, and supports multi-sport training and participation… OR...

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, we would welcome your help. 

Please contact us for more details at 



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About US

Our goal is to support your efforts to provide healthy safe opportunities for your children to experience athletic participation, and look forward to your family joining us!